At Vogue Models & Talent Management, we care about the experiences that our models have. We asked some of our models about their journeys of being in the industry. This might be beneficial to you if you are new and looking to be signed, so take a look at what they have to say!

Ken Medland:

"My favourite memory of modelling has to be when I did the Bobby Orr TV commercial for Hockey Night in Canada. What made it so special was working with a truly professional director who cared about me and turned out to be a true life coach, proving that even after 10 years in this crazy business I can still learn and endeavour to perfect my profession."

Allison Genovese:

"It's like going with the flow of things. Sometimes you're auditioning and going to jobs everyday for a month and sometimes you have weeks where things slow down. It's exciting and fun, and there's always a million creative people you meet. The experiences that I have been able to have and the creativity I've had the privilege of seeing is crazy."

Milad Darrouj:

"Being in the acting/modelling industry has benefited me a lot. I have met many amazing people who I have become great friends with. It also increased my self-confidence, and I feel that I'm a lot more comfortable walking in fashion shows and being in front of the camera."

Alexandra Barborini:

"I've been at Vogue now for almost three years, and during my time with them I've had so many opportunities to put myself out there and experience the industry of talent. I've had the chance to be in many fashion shows, bridal shows and shoots (which are a lot of fun), magazine shoots and even the odd movie or TV show! Modelling allowed me to work with so many talented people, make friends and memories, and always learn something new. Most importantly, it taught me it taught me to have the confidence in myself that I've never had before and that's huge."

Emily Passmore:

"I've been modelling for the past few years and I feel that the experiences I have had in the industry have really helped me develop as a model but also as a person. The modelling industry has given me the opportunity to meet so many amazing models, photographers, designers and even friends. I've gained a lot of confidence along the way, and have been able to step out of my comfort zone!"

Evan Danks:

"It's a really fun job to have! I've been lucky enough to meet and wo with so many talented people. I've been able to travel and be a part of some really cool opportunities and jobs over the last few years, everything from print work to ambassador to acting."

Adriana Fortino:

"Being in the modelling industry has made me step out of my comfort zone and has helped me develop into the woman I am today. This industry is very competitive so I've had to grow a thick skin and truly love myself for who I am, how I look, and to really embrace every feature, good or bad. I now have an immense amount of confidence which is essential in this industry and has helped me land all different types of jobs. I love that this industry is becoming more inclusive; I am a huge fan of the body positive movement and being inclusive of all diversities. It's a step in the right direction."

Kingston Maillard:

"Being a model is really fun! I really enjoy being a part of the bridal shows, and I love being on stage. Getting to meet all of the other Vogue models is great, too!"

Judy Malcolm:

"I'm thrilled to say that I've been with Vogue for over twenty years and I am getting more opportunities than ever. I will always be grateful to Sandie and Mike for taking a chance on me and for helping me realize my modelling and acting dreams."

Alexa Cerio:

Being in the modelling/acting industry has shaped me to become the person I am today. With each audition, casting, photoshoot, brand ambassador position, commercial, runway show, etc, you work with new people in new environments mostly every time. This has taught me how to present my best self, be confident in my own skin and take care of myself. Modelling has taught me to be independent and self-sufficient. It has opened me to a world of possibilities and wonderful experiences!

We hope this gave you some good insight about what it's like to work in the world of modelling and acting. If you think you got what it takes to thrive in this industry, come meet with us! We look forward to seeing your work.